Shutdown And Turnaround

Solutions International Contracting Company (SICC) specializes in supporting clients manage the planned or unscheduled shutdown minimizing the downtime due to repair interventions. Our technical team is well-versed in the use and upkeep of plant machineries and equipment, regardless of brand or make.

We always maintain our excellence in restoring the life cycle of the equipment and ensuring the safe and efficient operations between scheduled or unscheduled shutdown.

SICC shutdown workforce is focused on the aspect of quality, safety, cost and time which is most critical for success. Every stages of the activity is being projected and divided into phases to determine the calculated results.

  1. Plan and organize
  2. Mobilization
  3. Execution and implementation
  4. Startup and turnover
  5. Demobilization

Every phase of the event of this undertaking is carefully studied and conscientiously implemented to maintain our Excellence in Service.